Welcome to the brand agency for change

We believe that businesses are the not-so-secret to moving away from extractive capitalism and towards a regenerative economy. In short, you have the power to save the world and we’re here for it.

We are your creative brand agency for change, galvanising your business and marketing for the better, enabling you to carry a triple bottom line ethos throughout your offering. That’s profit, planet and people for those in the back. 

Ready to make real change, unlock your gold and build an engaged community around your brand? Peruse around, see what we’ve been up to, then let’s talk shop.





We pressure test the foundations of your brand and business before we roll it in glitter, fine-tuning your purpose, products, then helping you discover those unique insights that inspire powerful connections with your audience. 

The trick to effective brand building isn’t wads of cash – it’s insight-based creativity. Ask any leading business around the world and they’ll tell you; unique brands that catch eyes, pique curiosity and drive strong word-of-mouth register the highest awareness and commercial gains.

Brand+Butter exists to counter industry norms and use our brand building powers for good. Be that creating communities, supporting independent press, or partnering with changemakers. Together, we aim to encourage positive social change and build brand platforms for good.

You know your business best and are full to the brim with golden nuggets. We first and foremost listen, then work with you to dismantle your brand and rebuild it with all of the above. We also offer 1:1 and group training for both business owners and internal team members, enabling you to bring the magic in house.

Brand builds we prepared earlier

Enough about us, what can we do for you?

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Brand Strategy

Craft a purpose-led brand for better business.

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Impact Consulting

Go against the green wash and make real change.

Marketing Campaigns

Mindful Marketing

Spread the word, while using your marketing dollar for good.

Design & Copy

Brand Identity

Bring the best bits of your business to life.


Sustainable Websites

Powerful digital assets, designed with energy usage in mind.

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Go on. Dive into the nitty gritty, it’s nice out.

Everything Else

Imprint; the blueprint for impact brands

Get the tools, and click on the mindset, to build a successful brand strategy with purpose, impact, culture and creativity at its core.

To craft a business based on your ‘why’, that solves a real problem, measures and minimises its emissions, then draws an engaged, loyal community around an authentic story.