the blueprint for impact brands

A strong business is no longer just about profit.

To survive and succeed within the current environmental and social landscape, we must consider the triple bottom line - profit, planet and people. 

Whether you’re leading the charge or responding to change, ‘Imprint’ is a five-part workshop that guides you through the process of building or transforming a successful business with purpose, impact, culture and creativity at its core. A business that solves a real problem, measures and minimises its impact, then draws an engaged, loyal community around an authentic story.

Ready to make a lasting impact?

Future-proof your business

To front-foot the global shift away from tokenism, greenwashing and box ticking, we want to give you the tools to build a purpose-led brand that solves a real problem, measures and minimises its impact, and draws a loyal community around an authentic story.

‘Imprint’ is an interactive guide delivered in person or online, in groups or one-on-one, and all outputs are structured to be in line with the basic requirements for BCorp, allowing attendees to transfer information on application. 

We draw on global inspiration, offer practical solutions, cut through the faff and create the foundation for an impact-led, innovative and successful business. 

The course is registered with the Regional Business Partners Capability Training Scheme, and participants can apply for partial funding to complete.

Over five workshops
(and 2 x 1:1s), we will work through your business, impact and brand strategy to create your very own blueprint. This includes:

  • Your why - honing in on your true purpose, cultural context and the problem you are solving, pressure testing the foundations of your business and redesigning your model, offering and policies as required. 
  • Your how - setting you up with the tools to measure and track your impact, identify your priorities and report your journey, from manufacturing to marketing.
  • Your story - your elevator pitch and one-pager that gets you standing out from the crowd and building a genuine community around your brand.
  • Tool kit - a comprehensive set of tools to help you tackle impact challenges in the future.

Future-proof your business and create your impact-led business and brand strategy, with Imprint.