Creative marketing for conscious companies

Hailing from agency land in London and Auckland, Brand + Butter is founded by two women who rebelled against the corporate machine and set up shop in idyllic Wanaka. 

After combined decades of working with the big guns, we decided to offer our skills and experience to entrepreneurs and organisations working to make the world a better place. 

Turns out, some other marketing specialists felt the same way and we rallied a team of talented digital experts, designers, copywriters and web developers, all with the same mindset and passion for assisting brands just like yours.

Today we are inspired by art not ads and are proud to collaborate with a collection of like-minded folk to offer the necessary evils (marketing, that is) with insight, innovation and integrity. Sound like a bit of you? Well, get in touch already.

Zoe Hawkins

Creative Director

Even with a slight dairy intolerance, Zoe is the butter to Sophie’s brand. An internationally awarded marketing creative with a decent dose of quirk, she has worked on everything from apocalypse-themed films starring Zoe Bell and Steve Hansen, to selling cow’s milk disguised as breast milk to raise money for a cure for cancer. But that’s a tale for another time.

These days you’ll find her living the balanced life in Hawea with her 1.5 children and husband who still doesn’t quite know how to relax.

Sophie Lane

Strategic Director

Sophie is our strategic mind with an eye for insight and a love of spreadsheets that Zoe will never understand. An import from London with a background in client services and strategy, Sophie was business lead on large global brands at award-winning agencies. From Diageo to Heineken, she was responsible for delivering integrated campaigns across international markets.

When she's not piquing on problem solving (yes, lame, we know), she can be found hunting out the embers of arts and culture in Central Otago so she can dance (naked) in their flames.