Your Regional Business Partner, with a little extra oomph.

We offer services that are registered with the Regional Business Partners Management Capability Fund.

This means that businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for training in strategic marketing, digital presence, and sustainability and brand storytelling. 

Have a squiz below, find out more through the RBP platform and get in touch.

Our RBP Services;

Explore our RBP services, offering expert, one-to-one brand and marketing training;

  • Strategic Marketing Training:

    In this uncertain and ever more competitive climate, it is the brands that stand for something that stand out. Our Strategic Marketing Training supports and up-skills your business team in the most effective and resilient marketing strategies. A training programme that, when complete, will have equipped you with a distinctive and compelling brand position, a solid understanding of your marketing landscape (including audience and competitors) and a channel plan for your business.
  • Digital Presence - Marketing Workshop + Tools:
  • Having a solid presence in the digital world for both your brand and product is a crucial part of marketing. But, with so many choices and so much to know when it comes to websites, blogs, social media and digital marketing - where do you start? In this training course, we'll teach you how to make sure you've got a strong digital foundation; this will include optimising your website (with a view to making it as sustainable as possible), and making your digital assets work for you.

  • Sustainability + Brand Storytelling Training:
  • Have a drive to overhaul your business and brand to become more sustainable, but don’t know where to start? Brand+Butter are a creative marketing agency for conscious businesses. We are offering our skills to entrepreneurs and organisations looking to actively improve their impact on our world and who want to be able to weave that change into their brand storytelling in a compelling and unique way.

Additional implementation, at your service.

As a creative marketing agency for conscious companies, we offer a myriad of top-notch services to put your RBP advice into action. Get a quick rundown below or have a looksie around our Services page for all the goss.

Bring that bad boy to life;

  • Brand refresh, which could include a brand audit, strategic positioning and updated brand identity.
  • Channel + collateral refresh, which could include website design + build, digital channel overhaul, collateral design, SEO recommendation, copywriting and search optimised blogs.
  • Marketing strategy, which could include integrated campaign plans and implementation, or digital specific campaign plans and implementation e.g. paid social media and search engine marketing.
  • ...and everything in between.

If this is up your strata, give us a call to chat through in more detail.